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The Presentation Meeting on Foreign Visits 2017 and Training Session on Foreign Visits 2018 held at the IKG

Date:2017-12-25 Author:IRCK/NICK

On the afternoon of December 26, 2017, the wrap-upsession on foreign visits 2017 & the training session on the same topic2018 was organized at the Institute of Karst Geology (IKG), CAGS. The meetingwas attended by some of the top experts and leaders from IKG, includingacademician Yuan Daoxian, director-general Hu Maoyan, party-secretary ZhangFawang, deputy director-generals Jiang Zhongcheng and Liu Decheng, amongothers.

The projects whose outcomes were presentedconsist of three categories: overseas study and visit project funded by ChinaScholarship Council or CSC (including the long-term academic scholarsdispatched by the Chinese government); overseas geological survey project; andthe overseas visit project of researchers and technicians managed by types. Fouryoung and middle-aged researchers and technicians from the IKG who were fundedby CSC (or other funding sources) shared their experiences and outcomes inoverseas study and visit.

More specifically, Yin Jianjun, theassociate research professor, presented his findings on stalagmite paleoclimateand AMS 14C dating technologies during his exchange program at TaiwanUniversity as a post-doctor. Then Jiang Guanghui, the research professor, introducedhis learning about the karst aquifers in Ontario, Canada and the application ofdrill hole by G360 Institute for Groundwater Research in thegroundwater monitoring system. Subsequently, Prof. Jiang Xiaozhen briefed thewater management in the USA. Finally, Prof. Li Qiang shared his findings onbiogeochemical research in Prof. Müller’s team during his visit at JohannesGutenberg University of Mainz, Germany. He also encouraged the youngscientists and technicians from IKG to actively learn from the state-of-the-artknowledge and experiences in advanced countries.

In 2017, four times of overseas geologicalsurvey projects were implemented by IKG, which include: “Joint mapping ofhydro-geology and environmental geology in the five countries of IndochinaPeninsula “(two times ) and “field survey on comparative assessment of karstgeology between China and Indochina Peninsula (during the wet and dry seasons).The presenters briefed the latest progress and the next steps of theseprojects. Through these overseas geological survey efforts, the researchershave had a better understanding about the hydro-geological, environmental geologicaland karst geological conditions in the countries of Indochina Peninsula. Theyhave also completed the geological survey tasks, and conducted comparativestudy on karst carbon sink, as well as hydro-geological and environmentalgeological survey. More importantly, these projects have facilitated theinternational cooperation on geological survey between China and other countriesalong the Belt & Road Initiative, laying a solid foundation for furthercollaboration between them.

In addition, 11 teams of researchers andtechnicians who are managed by types presented their findings during theirforeign visits. Among them, Zhai Xiumin, the assistant researcher, briefed theSino-Thailand project of jointly applying for Satun Global Geo-park inThailand, giving a detailed introduction about the popular science education ofThailand on geo-parks. In particular, Ms. Luo Qukan, an assistant researcherand deputy director of the Secretariat under IRCK, shared the information aboutthe team’s visit in France and technical exchange in the Karst ResearchInstitute, Slovenia. She noted that IRCK has gained strong support from UNESCOduring the visit, which has enhanced the influence of IKG in the internationalkarstological community.

It can be seen that fruitful results havebeen achieved on foreign visits in 2017 by IKG. These activities have not onlyimproved the overall scientific skills of researchers and technicians from IKG,but further expanded the influence of IKG and IRCK in international academiccommunity. To ensure the success of foreign visits in the next year, the Divisionof Science and Technology of IKG and the Secretariat of IRCK jointly organizedthe training session on foreign visits 2018, in which specific provisions onforeign affairs were highlighted.


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