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The Eighth International Training Course of IRCK/NICK successfully launched in Guilin

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The Eighth International Training Course of IRCK/NICK, focusing on “carbon cycle and carbon sink effect on karst rocky desertification control”, was launched on November 14, 2016 in Guilin, China. The training course was organized by the Institute of Karst Geology/ IRCK/NICK, and co-organized by UNESCO Beijing Office. The event took place concurrently with the launching of the International Scientific Plan on the Resources and Environmental Effects of Global Karst Dynamic Systems.

A total of 35 trainees from 13 countries joined the 15-day training course, among whom 18 trainees were foreigners from12 countries including Thailand, Brazil, Slovenia and Myanmar, and so on.

On the occasion of the holding of meetings for BOD and Academic Committee of IRCK/NICK, 20 karstologists from Indonesia, Serbia, Poland, Austria, Brazil and China were appointed as trainers for the training course. Their topics ranged from rocky desertification control, carbon cycle and carbon sequestration in karst system, addressing global climate change, monitoring and early-warning of karst collapse, karst water resources development and use, to oil and gas resources in karst areas, karst landscape and cave studies. The objective of the training course was to improve the technical and theoretical level of relevant countries on karst, and leverage the role of IRCK/NICK as an international platform.



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