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Researchers of IKG Visit Egypt for the Sixth Water Resources Dialogue: China-Africa Water Forum

Date:2018-09-04 Author:IRCK/NICK

Researchers of IKG Visit Egypt for the Sixth Water Resources Dialogue: China-Africa Water Forum


At the invitation of the sponsor ofthe Sixth Water Resources Dialogue: China-Africa Water Forum, Prof. Cao Jianhuafrom Karst Geological Institute, China Geological Survey, the Ministry ofNatural Resources and other three delegates visited Sharm el-Sheikh / Egypt toattend the Forum.

The Forum was jointly launched byIRCK and South Africa’s University of the Western Cape. Each year, theInternational Symposium on Water Resources Sustainable Use in DevelopingCountries will be held. So far, five such annual events have already beenorganized. It has become an international academic exchange platform to promotecommunication and collaboration of scholars between African and Asiandeveloping countries.


The meetingwas attended by more than 100 delegates, who came from developing countries(e.g., China, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia), as well as fromdeveloping ones (e.g., USA, France, and Spain). Seven sessions were organized,covering the topics of: water resources management and sustainable use;hydrogeology and ecological hydrology; transfer and diffusion of waterpollutants; restoration of water pollution; development and use of groundwaterresources; the impact of climate change on regional drought and flood.

As a specially-invited guest, Prof.Cao Jianhua from IKG attended the plenary session and delivered an oralpresentation titled “Introduction to the International Big Scientific Plan onResources and Environmental Effects of Global Karst Dynamic System”. He also moderateda special session on “Hydrogeology and Ecological Hydrology”, in which Drs. LanFuning, Shen Haoyong and Bai Bing made oral presentations and answeredquestions raised by the participants.

Taking advantage of thisopportunity, IKG conducted extensive communication with other participants onthe joint promotion of the International Big Scientific Plan. Some initialintents of cooperation have been reached in terms of project application, constructionof monitoring stations, and talent exchange and training.

This event provided a goodopportunity for the researchers to share best practices on water resourcesmanagement, hydrogeology and water pollution control between Africa and China,and to establish friendly relations with each other. It has opened up new prospectfor scientific research cooperation to promote the International Big ScientificPlan, water resources development and management.




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