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Prof.Lin Lixiang from Geological Survey of SouthAfrica Visits IKG for Academic Exchange

Date:2018-09-04 Author:IRCK/NICK

Prof.Lin Lixiang from Geological Survey of SouthAfrica Visits IKG for Academic Exchange


At the invitation of Key Laboratoryof Karst Collapse Prevention and Control, China Geological Survey, Prof. LinLixiang, a hydrogeologist from the Geological Survey of South Africa, visitedIKG to conduct academic exchange in Guilin, on July 6, 2018.

During his visit, Prof. Lindelivered a speech titled “Study on sustainable yield of a fractured rockaquifer, South Africa, from conceptual model to numerical modeling”. Firstly,he briefed the objective and significance of the project. Secondly, he presentedin detail the geological background of the work area, the work components andoutcomes, including field survey, fissure measurement, drilling, geo-physicalprospecting, water pressure test, development of 2D and 3D fissure models; andnumerical simulation. Finally, he made an integrated analysis to define asustainable flow for fissure aquifers in the study area.

Following his speech, otherparticipants exchanged ideas with Prof. Lin on the scientific issues that theywere interested in.

Prof. Lin is a guest professor ofthe Key Laboratory of Karst Collapse Prevention and Control, Chinese Academy ofGeological Sciences. He is assisting the Key Laboratory in carrying out survey,monitoring and assessment of karst collapse trigged by ore deposit dewateringin central Hunan and Huainan. After the meeting, he went to Xinhua, andNingxiang in Hunan Province to conduct monitoring and early-warning on karstcollapse in large-sized water-filled mines in southern China.

Chaired by Prof. Jiang Zhongcheng, deputydirector-general of IKG, the meeting brought together more than 10 researchersfrom the institute.


                    Prof. Lin Lixiang delivers an academic speech


Prof. Lin conductsfield survey while providing guidance for researchers of IKG


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