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IRCK/NICK won the International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Awardof the People’s Republic of China successfully in 2016

Date:2017-01-13 Author:IRCK/NICK

On the morning of January 9, 2017, the 2016 National Science and Technology Award Conference was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Recommended by the Ministry of Land and Resources, Prof. Christopher Groves, the long-term partner of the IKG and Governing Board member of the IRCK/NICK, was awarded with the International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award of the Peoples Republic of China and was received in audience by President Xi Jinping of China.Meantime, Prof. Cao Jianhua, Deputy Director of IRCK, accompanied Prof. Christopher Groves to attend the award ceremony.

Christopher Gordon Groves was born in 1958 in the USA, and he is mainly engaged in hydrogeology, environmental geology and karst ecological environment research. He is an active representative of American experts in international hydrogeology and karst academia.

Prof.Chris Groves has worked closely with 4 Chinese organizations since 1992, including IRCK/NICK and Southwest University of China. He has made great contributions to hydrogeology, karst geology and other aspects of China, through knowledge spread, technical training and personnel cultivation. He introduced well-known international experts in related fields to China and carry on cooperation, which injected powerful motivates into the study of karst in China. He introduced the latest research results of the world to China, implemented the development of groundwater resources and investigated and researched the ecosystem of karst area in Southwest China. He provided fresh information to the researchers of China. He also helped to build, update, and improve a number of professional laboratories for karst research, and implemented the US-funded project-Environmental health of China, which was carried out in China with measurable results achieved. He contributed himself and act like a host to help IRCK /NICK settled in Guilin of China, and made great contributions to its construction and operation. In 2013, IRCK/NICK passed the first six-year assessment of UNESCO successfully, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China approved the "National Center for International Research on Karst Dynamic System and Global Change" as a national joint research center, achieving a leap-forward development of karst science in China.

As a significant partner of Prof. Chris Groves in China, IRCK/NICK has made great efforts in the process of award application. The applying process includes: online assessment, the first round of preliminary defense, the second round of defense and the final assessment by National Rewards Committee. Ultimately, all the efforts were paid off, and the Award was won by us, which could be considered as a great acknowledgement of IRCK/NICK’s work in recent years.


Award Certificate issued by the State Council

Professor Chris Groves

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