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IRCK delegations attended the 17th international Congress of Speleology in Sydney, Australia

Date:2017-08-07 Author:IRCK/NICK

On July 26, 2017, a delegation headed by Jiang Zhongcheng, deputy director of theI nstitute of Karst Geology (hereinafter refer as “UIS”), china geological survey, attended the 17th international Congress of Speleology in Sydney,Australia. During the conference, a symposium was conducted among IKG and theformer and current president of the Union of Speleology(hereinafter refer as “UIS”), the Secretary-General and other Speleologist all over the world.

First of all, Jiang Zhongcheng, deputy director of IKG introduced tothe UIS experts on the recent international cooperation of IKG and IRCK. It mainly includes three aspects: 1) The National Standards Commission of China intends to declare tothe international standards organization (ISO) the International Standards Committee on Karst Ecology. Jiang Zhongcheng, deputy director of IKG, pointed out that the UIS has gathered famous karst scientist and speleologist all over the world, the IRCK collaborates with the UIS will provide technical support for important international experts and karst ecological standards documents for the construction of the International Standards Committee on Karst Ecology;2)IKG and IRCK are taking the leader in organizing the implementation of the “GlobalKarst” international big scientific plan, in which, the critical zone of global karst environment monitoring site , the construction of global karst cave data base and information platform can carry out extensive cooperation withUIS;3) Some countries, especially China, are actively declareing world geological parks in karst areas, hoping toget strong support from UISs internationally renowned karst experts. These three aspects of the international activities of the karst area have aroused the strong interest and high appreciation of theparticipating international karst experts and expressed their full support.

   Subsequently, Jiang Zhongcheng proposed that UIS putting the 19thInternational Congress of Speleology, namely the 60th anniversary meeting of the UIS in 2025, held in Guilin and the IKG will give great support. In this regard, UIS experts expressed a strong interest that 60 years ago the General Assembly was set in Slovenia Institute of karst research,60 years later conduct in the Institute of Karst Geology in china, has an important milestone, as the cooperation between UIS and Slovenia in the past,In the future, we will strengthen cooperation with China to jointly promote the development of global karst and speleology.

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