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Symposium on Global Karst International BigScientific Plan Held in Beijing

Date:2018-09-04 Author:IRCK/NICK

Symposium on Global Karst International BigScientific Plan Held in Beijing

The Symposium on Global KarstInternational Big Scientific Plan was organized by IRCK in Beijing on July 11,2018.

The event was aimed to implementthe guiding principle of the Notice of the State Council on Printing andDistributing the Circular of Actively Leading and Organizing the InternationalBig Scientific Programs and Plans (GUOFA[2018]#5), conduct S&T innovativecooperation with other countries along the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)leveraging the academic advantages of Chinese karstology in the world, andpromote the development of Guilin Demonstration Area for Innovation ofSustainability Agenda, as well as the international exchange and jointresearch.

The meeting was chaired by Prof.Jiang Zhongcheng, director of the Board of Directors of IRCK. Firstly, Prof.Cao Jianhua, deputy executive director of IRCK, presented the basic informationand progress of Global Karst International Scientific Plan. After that, theofficials from relevant agencies and experts addressed the research topics,feasibility of international cooperation and potential support. It was finallyagreed that: 1) karstology is a key issue in earth science; 2) karstologicalresearch calls for support of International Big Scientific Plan, and providesenabling conditions for international cooperation; 3) the Chinese scientistsare taking the lead in karstological research worldwide, and are in a goodposition to lead the area and international cooperation; and 4) karstologicalresearch can play a significant role in providing S&T support for thebuilding of innovative demonstration area of sustainable development in Guilin.

 The meeting was attended by nearly 20officials and experts from many organizations, including the Department ofSocial Development Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science andTechnology; China 21st Century Agenda Management Center; theDepartment of Science and Technology and International Cooperation, theMinistry of Natural Resources; the Department of Scientific Foreign Affairs,Chinese Geological Survey; the Department of Land and Resources, Guangxi ZhuangAutonomous Region; the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, PekingUniversity; the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, the Chinese Academy ofSciences, among others.




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