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Institute of Karst Geology in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos to conduct cooperative overseas investigation

Date:2018-07-03 Author:IRCK/NICK

Institute of Karst Geology inThailand, Cambodia and Laos to conduct cooperative overseas investigation

    Recently, led by researcher Fawang, Zhang,secretary of party committee and deputy director of Institute of Karst Geology (IKG)of China Geological Survey (CGS), the group “Conducting cooperative overseasinvestigation in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos” successfully completed fieldinvestigation in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

    From May 10th to 20th, 2018,the delegation held project exchanges with experts from the Department ofMineral Resources (DMR), Thailand and investigated the environmental geologicalproblems along the China-Thailand railway and the coastal karst landform ofSatun World Geopark together. On May 10th, they visit the (DMR),where the two sides have exchanged and discussed the environmental geologicalsurvey and the coastal karst research along the China-Thailand railway. Duringthe meeting, the two sides introduced their previous cooperation and theprogress of previous on-site work. In addition, they also discussed the planand schedule for 2018, and the schedule of the project agreement. From May 11thto 14th, the delegation conducted a field survey on the igneous rockand limestone contact zone, collapse, landslide and ground subsidence in theBangkok-Saraburi-Nakhon Ratchasima provinces along the China-Thailand railway.From May 15th to 19th, the delegation investigated theconditions of Satun World Geopark, including coastal karst landform, caves,seawater intrusion and stratigraphic boundary, etc., which laid a solidfoundation for the smooth operation of subsequent work.

    From May 21st to 24th, thedelegation visited the General Department of Mines and Resources (GDMR), Ministry​ of Mines and Energy of the Kingdomof Cambodia , andmade field inspection on the Cambodian hydrogeological and environmentalgeological survey, which was being carried out by IKG. On May 21st,the visiting group visited the (GDMR) with the relevant experts from IHEG,Henan Geology and Mineral Bureau, and SUSTC. The two sides discussed about thehydrogeological and environmental geological survey of Kampuchea, and signedthe summary of interview. On May 22nd, the Chinese delegation investigatedthe hydrology, water quality, ecological environment and the fishermen’s livingconditions of Tonle Sap Lake, carrying out a site investigation on theutilization of underwater in Pursat and the typical geological profile sitesfrom Jurassic to Cretaceous in the vicinity of Pursat and Kampong Chhnang. OnMay 23rd, the delegation investigated the hot springs and thecollapses of Kampong Speu Province, laying a solid foundation on subsequentscientific research.

    From May 25th to 29th, thedelegation discussed the program exchange with Deparment of Water Resources (DWR),Laos and made field inspection on the hydrogeology with Laos experts. On May 25th,the delegation visited DWR, and the two sides discussed their cooperation ongeologic map of hydrogeology and environment between China and Laos. Laos sideexpressed great interest in the joint geological investigation ofhydrogeological environment between China and Cambodia, and expressed its hopethat the similar cooperation could be carried out with China Geological Survey.The two sides fully discussed their cooperation on the compilation of hydrogeologicaland environmental geological ma and reaching a preliminary consensus.

    From 25th to 29th, thedelegation conducted a survey on water volume and quality of the reservoirs,rivers, motor-pumped wells and general wells, waterfalls, springs andunderground rivers along and around the Vientiane - Wanrong - Luang Prabang.The group also investigated on the karst landforms, karst caves, geologicdisasters such as landslides.

    The 21-day joint investigation and businessexchange have greatly promoted the implementation of the ‘joint mapping onhydrogeology and environmental geology of five countries on Indo-China Penisula’, a secondary project of china geological survey. It greatly promoted thebilateral hydrogeology and environmental geological cooperation between Chinaand Southeast Asian countries, laying a solid foundation on furtherconsolidating Lancang-Mekong cooperation and promoting the construction of theGreen Silk Road.     



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