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Training Course on Modern Karst Geology in South China held in Guilin

Date:2017-11-06 Author:IRCK/NICK

The five-day Training Course on Modern KarstGeology in South China, organized by IKG, was recently held in Guilin, bringingtogether more than 40 researchers and technicians from Sinopec NorthwestOilfield Company and Sinopec Petroleum Exploration and Production ResearchInstitute (PEPRIS).

Consisting of indoors academic exchange andfield study, the Training Course focused on the topics ranging from modernkarst characteristics of carbonate rocks in China and beyond, research progresson carbonate rock reservoirs, typical karst underground river fracture-cavitysystem and fault-controlled karst fracture-cavity system in Guilin. At theopening ceremony, Jiang Zhongcheng, deputy director of IKG, made a keynote speech.He extended a warm welcome to all the experts and trainees who attended theTraining Course, and briefed the Six Major Businesses and the major scientificresearch projects being implemented by IKG. Subsequently, the experts fromChengdu University of Technology, Sinopec Northwest Oilfield Company and IKG deliveredacademic reports on the topics such as the relationship between strike-slipfaults and karst reservoirs, and the quantitative analysis of fracture-cavityheterogeneous reservoirs, among others.

During the field study, the trainees visited ChinaKarst Geological Museum in Guilin, Haiyang-Zhaidi Subterranean Stream System ExperimentalBase, the large thrust fault in Datian Village, Caoping Township, the SubterraneanStream System in Guanyan, and the typical fault karst body section in MochuanTownship, Xingan County. The experts and trainees also exchanged views andinteracted with each other during this process.

Finally, at the summary session, a qualityquestionnaire on the training course was conducted and the results showed asmany as 98% of the trainees were satisfied with the quality. The traineerepresentatives believed that this training course was of high quality, whichprovided very direct and useful theoretical guidance and technical support tothe petroleum professionals in the Tarim Basin, northwestern China. The ultra-deep(70,000-80,000 m deep underground) rich Karst reservoirs are developed in theTarim Basin. In this context, Guilin modern karst geological model is of greatreference value for the Tarim Basin.

To make this training course possible, theoil and gas paleokarst team under IKG has communicated with the experts and theorganizations of the trainees many times. According to the needs of thetrainees, the team has carefully prepared the training program, aiming toorganize an excellent training course on modern karst geology for researchersand technicians from oilfields in northwest China.


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