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The Eighth International Training Course of IRCK/NICK successfully launched in Guilin

Date:2016-11-30 Author:IRCK/NICK

On May 12, 2016,the Renewed Agreement of IRCK was officially signed in Langfang, Hebei Province. In order to complete the annual task, realize the function for training defined in the agreement, and broaden the influence of IRCK, the eighth international training course-Integrated Control on Rocky Desertification,Carbon Cycle and Sink in Karst System was held in Guilin from November13 to 27 of 2016.

This training course, combined with the project-Rocky desertification treatment, carboncycle and carbon sink effect in karst system, which was a key dedicated program for scientific research granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, was mainly about the rocky desertification treatment,carbon cycle and carbon sink effect in karst system, coping with global climate change, karst collapse monitoring and early warning, karst water resources development and utilization, karst oil and gas resources research, karst landscape and cave research.The curriculum arrangement was aimed at fully utilizing IRCK as an international platform to enhance the technical and theoretical level for the related countries.

The training course lasted for 15 days. On November 14 and15, the participants attended the opening ceremony of Academic Committee meeting and Governing Board meeting of IRCK, as well as the first seminar among the Members of the Second Academic Committee (hereinafter referred as AC-II Members); on November 16-27, the lectures and field practice were arranged, 7 days of which were indoor lectures, 2 days of which were field practice, 1 day of which was rest and 1 day of which was trainees’ assessment. A total of 31 trainees from 13 countries, including 18 students from 12 foreign countries, such as Thailand, Brazil, Slovenia and Myanmar participated in the training. At the same time, the AC-II members were invited to give lectures, taking the opportunity of the first session of AC-II Members meeting. Totally, 20 karst experts from countries including Indonesia, Serbia, Poland, Austria, Brazil, the United States and China served as lecturers. All the lecturers are world famous karst scientists, 3 of which are Governing Board Members and AC-IImembers of IRCK, and they are rich in research experience. At the same time, the course attracted participants from China engaged in related fields, including 13 trainees from the Wuhan Center of China Geological Survey, the Institute of Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology under Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Southwest University, Guilin University of Technology, and Wuzhou Hydrology and Water Resources Bureau.

From the afternoon of Nov. 25 tothe morning of Nov.26, all foreign trainees shared their feedback based on their participating in training, and karst development in their own country,combined with their professional research. IRCK gained a further understanding of the international trainees, and also enriched its global karst data. After the students’ report, the lecturers raised their concerns, and discussed with the trainees on hot issues. Preliminary discussions on future cooperation were conducted. In the end, advised by Academician. Yuan Daoxian, Prof. SasaMilanovic and Prof. Cao Jianhua, all of the participants completed the training course and were granted certificates. Among them, 8 foreign trainees were selected as outstanding trainees, including Rafael Rodrigues Camargo (Brazil), KimiyaSadataAjayebi (Iran), Jure Ticar (Slovenia), VeljkoMarinovic (Serbia), MarjanTemovski (Macedonia), LeniOzis (Slovenia), RussarintSiripattarapureenon (Thailand) and Mervyn Gumbo (Zimbabwe), upon which, the training course marked a successful conclusion.


                                            Indoor lectures of IRCK


                                               Field practice