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The Third Youth Forum on Groundwater Science held in Guilin

Date:2017-11-07 Author:IRCK/NICK

The Third Youth Forum on Groundwater Science took placein Guilin, Guangxi from October 20-22, 2017. Initiated by the Department ofEarth Sciences of NSFC, the Forum was sponsored by the School of Earth Sciencesand Engineering, Nanjing University and the Center for Hydrogeology andEnvironmental Geology, China Geological Survey; and organized by IKG. Morethan 310 scholars from 63 organizations in China attended the event.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Fawang, party secretaryand executive deputy director of IKG, delivered a speech on behalf of theorganizer, extending a warm welcome to all the participants. Academician YuanDaoxian, in his speech, recommended that all the young scientists should notonly have logical thinking, but also pay attention to the cultivation of theimaginal thinking in their learning. Meanwhile, they should be creative and bewilling to innovate. His speech was followed by Xiong Juhua, a research professorof the Department of Earth Sciences, NSFC; and Wu Aimin, deputy director of theCenter for Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology, China Geological Survey. Finally,Dr. He Yujiang from the Department of Earth Sciences, NSFC delivered a reporttitled "Opportunities and Challenges for Applying for Groundwater ScienceFund", focusing on the topics of fund application process and mattersneeding attention.

The forum was designed to promote the growth of young scientistsin groundwater science in China, and enhance the overall research level ofgroundwater science in China; while sharing research findings and experiences andpromoting the development of groundwater science in the country. Twenty-twofamous scholars from the field of hydrogeology and environmental geology inChina were invited to serve as review experts at the Forum, including Shi Jiansheng,director-general of the Institute of Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology, CGS;Prof. Wu Jichun, dean of the Department of Water Science, Nanjing University; Prof.Li Hailong from theSchool of Environmental Science and Engineering, Southern University of Scienceand Technology; Prof. Pang Zhonghe from the Instituteof Geology and Geophysics, CAS; and Prof. Wang Guangcai, from the School ofWater Resources and Environment, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), amongothers.

A total of 88 young scientists in water sciences fromCGS, CAS, China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and China University ofGeosciences (Wuhan), Jilin University, Hohai University and Nanjing University,etc. were divided into four groups: Distinguished Youth, Excellent Youth, YoungElites and Promising Youth. They delivered academic presentations and heldin-depth discussions on the new issues, theories and methodologies related togroundwater science.

On theevening of October 21, the participants visited China KarstGeological Museum in Guilin.


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