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The Ninth International Karst Training Course of IRCK/NICK successfully concluded In Kunming on July 30, 2017

Date:2017-08-02 Author:IRCK

On July 30, 2017, the International Training Course of the International Symposium on Karst Hydrogeology, Environmental Geology,Ecological Geology and the "ASEAN Groundwater and Environmental GeologicalSurvey and Evaluation" International Training Center was successfully concluded in Kunming Lianyun Hotel.

The training course for 15 days, from nearly 20 countries, more than 60 students participated in the training, during the karst key international exchange seminar, held the IGCP661 project start meeting, held a"five peninsula, And the environmental geology cooperation map"project work exchange; training course, for karst hydrogeology,environmental geology and ecological geology theme carried out 3 days of indoor lectures, and 4 days of field practice, for the basic karst hydrogeology, environmental geology , Ecological geological survey and evaluation, etc. to carry out the combination of teaching and practice of effective training methods.

From July 29th to 30th, all the trainees of the training group made a conclusion in batches. Professors Yuan Daoxian, Prof. Chris Groves, Professor Jonathan Arthur, Prof. Cao Jianhua and Prof. Liu Hong were among the best students. , From which students from Hungary, Iran, Brazil, Slovenia,Myanmar, the Thai Groundwater Resources Office and the Southwest University of China received excellent student ID.

On the morning of July 30, the closing ceremony of the trainingcourse was held. The closing ceremony was chaired by Professor Cao Jianhua, Deputy Director of the International Karst Research Center. Prof. Yuan Daoxian, Director of the International Cooperation Project Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China Geological Survey , Professor Zhang Renwang, 2016 National Science and Technology Cooperation Award winner - Prof. Chris Groves of the University of West Kentucky, Prof. Jonathan Arthur, Director of the Florida Geological Survey, attended the closing ceremony. Among them, Liu Dayuan, Director Zhang Feng Wang, respectively, on behalf of the Bureau of the Bureau and the organizers of the speech, Yuan Daoxian academician and other six guests as a guest presented the students graduation certificate and outstanding student diploma.

The course was highly recognized and appreciated by all parties. Participants from all over the world said that the course was very successful and hoped to have more opportunities to participate in international training courses organized by the International Karst Research Center.