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22nd National Symposium on Speleology held in Hanzhong, Shaanxi

Date:2017-11-02 Author:IRCK/NICK

On October 28-29, 2017, the 22nd National Symposiumon Speleology and Hanzhong TiankengGroups Site Session was held in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province. The event focusedon a wide range of topics, such as the research on the causes of formation of karsttiankeng and caves, the caveexploration technologies, the development and protection of tiankeng caves, and ecosystem study.

At the opening ceremony, Prof. JiangZhongcheng, Deputy Director of IKG, said that karst landscape and cave surveyand research, as one of the six pillars of major businesses in IKG, plays a keyrole in supporting the national economic development and peoples livelihoodsuch as targeted poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken areas, military andcivilian integration. IKG advocates that Karst landscape research and cavesurvey and research should be aligned with the needs of national and localsocial development, be demand-oriented, and serve ecological progress and targetedpoverty alleviation. Since 2016, Shaanxi Institute of Geological Survey hasworked with IKG and other organizations to conduct relevant explorations. Alarge number of large-scale tiankenggroups, cave groups, karst valleys and other important landscapes have beendiscovered for the first time in Hanzhong area, which is located in thenorthern boundary of Chinas subtropical karst region. Their regionalcharacteristics and advantages are prominent.

In forms of scientific papers, oralpresentations, panel discussion and photography, the Symposium brought togetherthe participants to address six major topics, i.e., karst environment; thecauses of formation of caves and tiankeng;cave exploration (exploration stories and discoveries); karst landscape andcave development, protection and management; cavern creatures and ecosystems; survey,exploration, development and protection of Hanzhong tiankeng groups. The meeting was aimed to: promote exchangesbetween experts and cave enthusiasts in karst caves; deepen the survey andresearch on karst and caves; facilitate the development, protection and brandpromotion of tiankeng groups inHanzhong; and promote the development of karst and cave-related research andcave exploration efforts.

 The Symposium was co-sponsored by IKG/ IRCK, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Land and Resources, Shaanxi Instituteof Geological Survey and Hanzhong Municipal Government. It was organized by theCommittee of Speleology, Geological Society of China and Shaanxi GeologicalSurvey Center; and co-organized by Xian Geological Survey, China Shaanxi NuclearIndustry Corporation, Shaanxi Geological and Mineral Group, Asian Cave Alliance,and China Cave Tourism Alliance.  It wasattended by more than 180 leaders, experts and scholars, including Zhang Mou,deputy mayor of Xian; YUHaili, deputy inspector of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Land and Resources;Huang Jianjun, deputy director-general of Shaanxi Institute of GeologicalSurvey; Prof. Chen Anze, founder of tourism earth science and a senior experton geo-parks, among others.

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